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Rankings l'Etudiant


  • IMT Mines Alès continues to make progress, ans is now tied for 16th place in L’Etudiant's 2023 ranking of 169 engineering schools: Read the press release
  • IMT Mines Alès ranked in the TOP 28 of the "Ecoles d'excellence" in the Figaro Etudiant Rankings
  • IMT Mines Alès is ranked in the top 300 worlwide in the prestigious Times Higher Education Impact (ranking) : Read the press release
  • Also ranked in the top 100 wolrdwide in several of the ranking's thematic rankings dedicated to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Ranked 2nd in France in the Teaching and learning’, category in the U-Multirank global ranking : See press release
  • Ranked in the top 10% of the world's best schools, by the Webometrics : Read the press release

IMT Mines Alès is ranked in the Top 20 schools in France, in HappyAtSchool (a survey directly conducted by the organization among students at the schools, focusing in particular on quality of life) : Read the press release

IMT Mines Alès rankings


IMT Mines Alès continues to climb the ladder, and is now tied for 16th place in L'Etudiant's 2023 ranking of 169 engineering schools.

L'Etudiant's 2023 ranking of 169 engineering schools accredited by the CTI (Commission des titres d'ingénieur) is based on criteria assessed by the CTI and the Conférence des directeurs des écoles françaises d'ingénieurs (Cdefi).

The ranking includes numerous indicators grouped into 4 families: academic excellence, international openness, proximity to companies, and openness to new audiences.

Reflecting its in-depth transformation, IMT Mines Alès has experienced a veritable ascent in this ranking over the past few years:

  • 2016 : 62nd
  • 2017 : 51st
  • 2018 : 52nd
  • 2019 : 40e
  • 2020 : 33e
  • 2021 : 27e
  • 2022 : 24e
  • 2023 : 16th ex aequo

"I am extremely pleased to note the results obtained by IMT Mines Alès this year," says Assia Tria, Director of IMT Mines Alès. "They confirm our school's steady progress over the past few years. Moving up from 52nd place in 2018 to 16th place in 2023 doesn't just happen. It's the fruit of the hard work of all those who write the history of our school every day - staff, students and alumni. In this anniversary year, when we're celebrating 180 years of the school, there's a tremendous satisfaction in knowing that, more than ever, we're staying true to our commitments and fulfilling our role!".

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The long-awaited Figaro Étudiant 2023 annual list of top engineering schools includes IMT Mines Alès in the prestigious "Schools of Excellence" category, which includes only the top thirty French schools in all categories. "Academic excellence, professional integration, international influence: these are the top engineering schools of excellence," says Figaro Étudiant in the preamble to this hand-picked list.

This list of engineering schools published by Le Figaro is based on criteria assessed by the Commission des titres d'ingénieurs (CTI) and the Conférence des directeurs des écoles françaises d'ingénieurs (Cdefi).

"I'm very proud of this ranking," says Assia Tria, Director of IMT Mines Alès. "To be included in the prestigious TOP list of schools of excellence, alongside the very best French schools such as Polytechnique and Mines de Paris, is proof that our school is performing very well. It's a great reward for all the staff, who work tirelessly and overcome all the difficulties, particularly those linked to the health crisis, to provide our students with the best possible education".

Find out more about the Figaro Étudiant 2022 ranking :

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For the 3rd year running, IMT Mines Alès has been awarded the HappyAtSchool® label. Based on real student opinions, the ranking places the school in the Top 20 of French establishments.

ChooseMyCompany is offering a ranking based on "user experience": the best schools and universities according to the students themselves! Based on a satisfaction survey of 44,000 students from 860 schools and universities, HappyAtSchool 2022 singles out those that make a real effort to meet the essential expectations of their students: "This is another qualitative vision of schools," observes Assia Tria, Director of IMT Mines Alès. Rankings such as those published by L'Etudiant and Figaro Etudiant already exist, and they are very useful for understanding a school's performance as well as the quality and reputation of its degree. IMT Mines Alès is always well placed. With the HappyAtSchool ranking, which collects and analyses real-life experiences, it's the voice of the students that we hear: they have their say and this enables us to appreciate the reality of their 'student experience'.

100% participative, the label is awarded on the basis of 20 questions put directly to students, who are free to express themselves spontaneously. Five criteria are evaluated, relating to the quality of facilities, teaching and learning, student life, the strength of relations with companies and confidence in the future. The percentage of students who would recommend their school is also taken into account, as is the participation rate.

"HappyAtSchool® lets you find out which schools and universities are the best places to study! concludes Assia Tria, who is delighted that in 2022, as in 2021 and 2020, when the survey was launched, IMT Mines Alès will be in the Top 20: "This consistency since the survey was launched three years ago confirms that we are still committed to looking after our students, even in the complicated context of the health crisis.

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For its fourth participation in the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact, IMT Mines Alès has achieved its best results both globally and nationally, reaching the Top 300 worldwide and being ranked 6th in France. This excellent ranking rewards the school's strong commitment to the ecological transition and social responsibility.

Discover IMT Mines Alès' latest achievements in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. - bilingual French-English summary

Read the full IMT Mines Alès Contribution Environnementale et Sociétale.

IMT Mines Alès is ranked 2nd in France in the "teaching and learning" category of the U-Multirank world ranking.

U-Multirank, a project funded by Europe (Erasmus+ programme), has published the 2022 version of its global ranking: over 2,000 schools and universities in 91 countries are evaluated.

IMT Mines Alès has reached this ranking for the 3rd year running, once again achieving excellent results. For the first time this year, IMT Mines Alès is also included in the rankings for Computer Science, Environmental Sciences and Materials Sciences.

The school achieves the top mark (very good) 9 times in several assessed categories:

► 4 times in the "teaching and learning" category
► 3 times in the "technology transfer" category
► 1 time in the Research category
► 1 in the "international openness" category
It received a total of 22 A and B grades in all categories, compared with 20 last year, continuing its upward trend.

In the "teaching and learning" category, the school is ranked 2nd in France and 10th worldwide, a testament to the quality of its support and the success of its students.
This ranking of IMT Mines Alès once again confirms the excellent results obtained by the school in the prestigious Times Higher Education Impact worldwide ranking dedicated to sustainable and societal development, in which the school is ranked in the top 600 worldwide and in the top 10 of the best French engineering schools, with 1st place for MDG 6 "Clean and sustainable water management" and 3rd place for MDG 12 "Responsible production and consumption" as well as MDG 15 "Preservation of the Earth's environment". (Discover the school's ranking in THE Impact)
"We are very proud of our inclusion in the international U-Multirank ranking once again this year. It helps to establish the school's international reputation, in addition to our excellent results in THE Impact. U-Multirank has a special significance because it is supported by the European Erasmus+ programme, to which we are very attached," says Assia Tria, the school's director. "These good rankings will enable IMT Mines Alès to continue to shine on the international stage. It is a real recognition for our students and a promise of attractiveness for our school in Europe and throughout the world," adds Eric Vivien, Director of International Action.

On the U-Multirank world rankings : Initiated by the European Commission and funded by its Erasmus+ programme, U-Multirank is the world's first multidimensional ranking system that allows users to create their own personalised ranking by selecting indicators of teaching and learning performance, international openness, research, technology transfer and regional roots. For more information :


IMT Mines Alès ranked in the top 10% worldwide in the international Webometrics ranking.

The international Webometrics league table has unveiled its ranking of the best higher education institutions for the 1st half of 2020. Among the 30,000 institutions scrutinised, IMT Mines Alès has continued its progress and moved into the top 10% worldwide*.

While this overall ranking already gives our school an excellent place, the indicators of openness and excellence are even better rewarded. The school is ranked in the top 8% and 9% of institutions worldwide on these two criteria. These elements are measured by the academic results of researchers as posted on Google Scholar** and their online distribution.

"Our school already enjoys good recognition at national level. Since we became part of the ITM in 2017, our international visibility has been booming. The Webometrics ranking confirms this with an objective international point of view. This is very important both for the international prospects of our students and for developing our attractiveness to foreign students", says Pierre Perdiguier, deputy director of the school.

Since 2004, the international Webometrics ranking has measured the presence, accessibility and influence of universities in relation to Internet data. In reality, this original positioning masks a serious approach initiated in response to the global need to improve institutions' web practices and, above all, to achieve greater academic transparency online.

* IMT Mines Alès world ranking: 2,893th out of 29,713 institutions ranked.

**Google service listing scientific publications

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