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In order to give its students the best possible chance of professional fulfillment by broadening their horizons, the school is heavily involved in promoting the mobility of its students, both incoming and outgoing, as well as the mobility of its research faculty and staff. To ensure that all of the school's staff are immersed in an international context, it develops training programs that welcome a large number of foreigners: international masters, specialized masters, as well as the hosting of foreign personalities, both teachers and researchers and staff.

Academic mobility is carried out at one of our partner universities. It can be a stay of one or two semesters or participation in a dual degree program
This mobility is subject to a selection process that ensures that the student on mobility has the best chances of success during his or her stay as well as all the potential to have the most enriching experience possible.

Dual degree programs, reserved for the most motivated and successful students, allow them to spend a long period of time (generally two years) in a foreign country and university, often non-French speaking. This type of program is very rewarding and often allows students to start their career abroad. It allows students to demonstrate a real capacity for mobility and adaptation.


Going beyond the recommendations of the CTI (Commission du titre d'ingénieur), the school has introduced the obligation for all students to spend at least 4 months in a foreign country and to reach a minimum level in English. This mobility can be carried out at any stage of the training program, both in terms of academic and industrial mobility. The school strongly encourages its students to take part in dual degree programs by relying on the 26 agreements of this type, some of which are with the most prestigious universities in the world. This compulsory international stay with the minimum level of English required constitutes the international pass.

Academic mobility in a partner university abroad, professional internship, English-speaking course, double international degree... At IMT Mines Ales, students are heavily involved in their international experience.

Double degree

You can earn a double degree at one of our partner universities. Open-mindedness, language skills, adaptability, development of "soft skills" and a diploma from a foreign university are just some of the benefits of an international experience leading to a diploma. All these assets can be added to enrich your CV.

Each year, more than twenty students choose to study abroad for a long period of time in order to obtain a diploma from the host university in addition to the school's diploma. The foreign partner university is chosen from among those with which IMT Mines Alès has a double degree agreement.
 Depending on the agreement, the duration of this mobility may be one year, 18 months or even 24 months, depending on the destination chosen. This means that you may have to extend your studies beyond the normal duration of your course at the school.

Obtaining a double degree means building a solid international profile and strengthening your attractiveness to recruiters in France and abroad.


Double degree mobility takes place during the third year. A foreign curriculum consistent with the department and the skills acquired in the second year specialization is chosen. The credits obtained are taken into account for the IMT Mines Alès degree. Depending on the agreement, tuition fees may be payable to the foreign partner institution for the additional period over and above the three years of study at school.
Students are also selected for departure based on their academic results and language skills. Some destinations are subject to agreements within the IMT framework and applications are examined jointly with the other schools of the Institute.


IMT Mines Alès has a portfolio of double degree agreements with nearly thirty partner universities. These opportunities are within your reach!
For each destination, the number of students is limited in order to promote exchange and the discovery of a new culture by avoiding large groups of French students, which are not conducive to these types of discoveries.

Students of IMT Mines Ales, can find practical information on the DAI (International Department) Intranet. The launch of the recruitment campaigns for academic mobility is announced by e-mail to the students of the classes concerned. The corresponding information is published on Campus (the school Moodle platform) and applications are made electronically on a dedicated web platform.
There are generally three campaigns per year:

  • the early application campaign in the first semester
  • the main mobility campaign at the beginning of the second semester, for which double-degree mobility is offered.

Other possibilities

A gap year

If a student engineer wishes, he or she can leave for an entire year, between the second and third year of study, to carry out an assignment. This can take place abroad in the form of an internship or a humanitarian mission. The project must be submitted to the Director of Studies, who validates the gap year, depending on the project envisaged and its coherence with the student's course.


You can validate your Compulsory International Stay (SIO) in the form of an international internship (in Europe or outside Europe) in a company, research organization or university laboratory.
Final end of study project

Financial aid

Student mobility is supported by various financial aid schemes (ERASMUS, BRAFITEC, Regional, IMT). These schemes are adapted annually by the competent assemblies. The procedures for selecting students and the scholarship application campaigns are published on the DAI Intranet. Students concerned by specific scholarships (geographical area or type of mobility) are contacted individually by e-mail.