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Career opportunities - Master PRINEC

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Graduates of the Master's programme will hold positions with a high level of responsibility and technical expertise, given the decisive environmental challenges posed by industrial and societal developments. They will support and advise companies and local authorities on projects relating to the circular economy or the environment. They will define the circular economy strategy to minimise the impact of production tools for the transformation of materials on the environment.

Career opportunities

  • Managing an industrial waste processing site,
  • Production manager for secondary raw materials or finished products incorporating them,
  • Certification manager for new products incorporating recycled materials,
  • Carrying out environmental assessments of new products or processes,
  • Setting up local industrial ecology structures,
  • (Eco)design of new products maximising recycled fractions
  • Development of new waste recovery processes,
  • Development of new materials with a low environmental footprint,
  • Development of environmental assessment methodologies.


  • Design offices of large groups or medium-sized companies seeking to reduce the environmental footprint of their products, consultancies specialising in the circular economy
  • SMEs or industrial establishments of large groups involved in collecting and separating waste or end-of-life products, or in recovering recycled materials produced within the company or acquired from regenerators or eco-organisations
  • Local authorities, institutions or eco-organisations
  • Architects or designers looking to use secondary raw materials or reconditioned products