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IMT Mines Ales, one of oldest France’s elite Schools of Engineering

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A French Institute for Engineering and Applied Science

Among the oldest France’s elite Schools of Engineering, IMT Mines Ales (also known as Ecole nationale supérieure des mines d’Ales) was founded in 1843. The main campuses are located in Ales city, in the south of France, 1 hour from Montpellier.

While proud of its own heritage, it has recently become part of the national ‘Institut Mines Telecom’ (IMT). IMT is the biggest group of Engineering Schools in France (‘grandes ecoles d’ingenieur’: highly selective and prestigious institutions).

IMT Mines Ales’s objectives are to contribute to the economic, technological, environmental and social development. It has put a strong emphasis on its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. In 2020, it has ranked 301-400 in the ‘THE Impact’ world ranking dedicated to the SDGs.

IMT Mines Ales conducts research and education in 6 fields of technological expertise covering:

  •     Civil Engineering and sustainable building design  (GCBD)
  •     Ecomaterials and Processing (ECOMAP)
  •     Environment, Energy, Risks (2ER)
  •     Subsurface Engineering and Mining Operations (ISERM)
  •     Industrial System performance and Mechatronics (PRISM)
  •     Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering (2IA)

IMT Mines Ales has 1.400 students (mainly graduate and post-graduate students) including 20% of international students coming from 45 countries. IMT Mines offers many graduate courses, including several international programs fully taught in English (from 1-semester exchange programs to 2-year master curricula). It has 90 international partnerships with foreign universities, including 30 double-degree agreements.

IMT Mines Ales hosts 5 research laboratories, including 2 Joint Research Units with Montpellier University and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), which is among the world's leading research institutions. IMT Mines Ales is also member of 4 doctoral schools and offers various PhD programs to national and international students.

It has very strong connections with the industry and has been the first School in France to create a technological and business incubator. Every year, several start-ups from the incubator get selected to participate to the ‘CES’ international innovation show in Las Vegas.