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Getting around the campus

Eco-friendly forms of transportation

On the various IMT Mines Alès sites, eco-friendly forms of transportation are encouraged.

Bicycles and scooters

parking vélo     Bicycle stands are available on all campuses.

     Maps are available for travel between the sites.




Pedestrian campuses

Our campuses have several car-free zones. On the Louis Leprince-Ringuet campus, one zone is entirely pedestrianised.

campus piétons   piétons

Access to the sites by bus


  • Line 2 (L2): Gare-Clavières-Croupillac.
  • Line 3 (L3): Gare-Clavières-Croupillac-MdE.
  • Line 20 (L20): Gare-Clavières-Croupillac.

Here are the bus stops corresponding to the different sites:

  • SNCF station: Bus station stop (L2, L3 and L20).
  • Clavières site: Chantilly stop (L2, L3 and L20) or Jean Nicot stop (L2).
  • Louis Leprince-Ringuet site (Croupillac): Jules Renard stop (L20) or Marot stop (L2 and L3).
  • “Maison des élèves” : Roussel stop (L3)


Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

All our campuses are accessible to people with reduced mobility.handicap
Specific parking spaces are available. Ramps are available to access the buildings as well as lifts to access the different floors of the buildings.
The following maps show the places reserved for people with reduced mobility, the entrances and the lifts.